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I'll start by clarifying that I'm not an RP journal and I don't RP in general, unless I'm poking somebody else. I know the name might be confusing, so I'll just write it here in case you don't know me.

This journal is all for my Hetalia fics and for keeping contact with some fandom friends.

Said fanfics are mostly Romano and Italy doing stuff/various people. Sometimes there's some random!Prussia and random!Greece because I like them both a lot. Sometimes even some other characters.

I'm an epically slow writer and I tend to make always the same mistakes so do point them out. Also ask me stuff about Italy because I know stuff about Italy. Especially art, language, literature and movies. No Berlusconi. This place is deberlusconized. I'm willing to rant and/or organize you a huge ass post if I have time and you're willing to wait a couple of days.

About me myself, uh... I like to translate idioms literally, I'm extremely silly when it comes to vampires, brunets with light eyes and Slavic accents, and I abuse the evil -ly and the poor -. Also I'm surprisingly easily angered/excitable and you can tell because in the first case I sound like Romano and in the second like Veneziano.

If you want to contact me, PM me or comment somewhere, anon posting should be on. I'm trying to cut on my live Internet hours, so I might take a day or so, but I always answer. I'm mostly at [personal profile] aphanon_meme, following its migration from LJ (I was arivi on LJ, but I've always been mostly known as romanon).

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